Articles by Profiler Pat Brown on Profiling, Killers and the Crimes of Murder

Profiling As A Career

Serial Killer Myths Exposed

Munchhausen Syndrome and Munchhausen Syndrome by Proxy: A Bizarre Psychopathic Condition

Pat Brown Interview: How to Save Your Daughter's Life

Murder 101: Profiler Pat Brown interview with Denis Faye, Writer's Guild America, West

How a Criminal Profiler Works: An Interview with Pat Brown

The Hurricane - Ode to a Psychopath

How to Profile a Terrorist
Everyone can recognize one, right?

In My Expert Opinion...

Criminal Profilers
Who are they and what do they do?

One Little, Two Little, Three Little Serial Killers
How many are there - really?

Easy Pickings
Urban African-American Female Victims

WAGs and SWAGs
Deductive and Inductive Profiling in Real Life

To Catch A Killer
The Revamping of Investigative Methods in Law Enforcement

What is a Victim?
The role of the victim in becoming a target, and in the legal system

Investigative Criminal Profiling
What is it? How is it most effectively applied to an investigation?

MO and Signature
The fine line argued

Is Michael Skakel Guilty?
A review of the facts and the "persons of interest"

The 10 Biggest Myths About Serial Killers
The real traits of serial killers may surprise you

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